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Title: A complete study guide to geometry :
Author: Waite, Elizabeth
CallNo: 516 WAC
Publisher: Lawrence S. Leff , Not Available , 2019 Detail

Title: A concise introduction to machine learning
Author: Faul A. C.
CallNo: 006.31 FAC
Publisher: CRC/Taylor & Francis, , Boca Raton : , 2020 Detail

Title: A course on group theory
Author: Rose, John S.
CallNo: 512.2 ROC
Publisher: Dover Publications, INC. , New York , 1994 Detail

Title: A dictionary of education
Author: Wallace, Susan
CallNo: 370.3 WAD
Publisher: Oxford Univeristy Press , Karachi , 2015 Detail

Title: A dictionary of psychology
Author: Colman, Andrew M.
CallNo: 150.3 COD
Publisher: Oxford University Press , Oxford , 2015 Detail

Title: A first course in functional analysis
Author: Goffman, Casper
CallNo: 515.7 GOF
Publisher: AMS CHELSEA PUBLISHING , Not Available , 2000 Detail

Title: A introduction to differntial geometry
Author: Willmore, T. J.
CallNo: 516.36 WII
Publisher: Dover Publications , New York , 2021 Detail

Title: A pocketful of prose :
Author: Madden, David
CallNo: 808.831 MAP
Publisher: Thomson Wadsworth , Belmont (USA) , 2006 Detail

Title: A student guide to writing research reports, papers, theses and dissertations
Author: Siochru, Cathal O
CallNo: 808.02 SIS
Publisher: Routledge , Londo , 2023 Detail

Title: A Student Handbook to the Plays of Arthur Miller :
Author: Zinman, Toby Silverman
CallNo: 812.52 ZIS
Publisher: Bloomsbury , London , 2016 Detail

Title: A textbook on physical education to physical education in the contemporary context
Author: Agarwal, Mukesh
CallNo: 613.71 AGT
Publisher: Khel Sahitya Kendra , Not Available , 2018 Detail
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